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250.104(B) - Bonding of Gas Piping

Page 2 of 2 Question 2: If a metallic connection from the gas piping to the equipment grounding conductor that bonds an appliance exists via metal-to-metal welds, clamps, pipe threading, is the gas piping then “bonded” to the equipment grounding conductor?

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29/11/2012· Wondering what to do about the water bonding on a house where the 10mm is at the consumer unit and heads towards the kitchen where the stop tap is but is not bonded. It has had a new kitchen a few years ago. The main water pipe is plastic to the stop tap then

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This piping includes, but is not limited to, metal gas piping, medical gas piping, and pneumatic piping. The rules for bonding other metal piping are provided in 250.104(B). The National Fuel Gas Code, NFPA 54, in Section 6.13 also requires metal gas piping systems to be bonded.

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27/7/2016· I do a lot of rural inspections. Sometimes I see the gas meter grounded with a rod, sometimes I don’t. Just curious if I should call this out? does it need to be grounded or bonded. If its bonded inside, from the water heater to the natural gas supply does it need to be

Concerns About CSST Gas Lines In traditional construction practice, natural gas and liquid propane (LP) were transmitted through an occupied structure only through rigid black iron pipe with

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20/2/2011· Earth Bonding to incoming gas Discussion in ''Electricians'' Talk'' started by glnta, Feb 8, 2011. glnta Meer Left a photo taped to the inside lid of the outside gas meter box of the gas pipe bonded within 600mm of entering property (under hallway floor) and a ,

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27/2/2016· But it must not be electrical earth to pipe''A'' then second bonding conductor from pipe''A'' to pipe''B''. So if the pipe clamp at the water pipe was disconnected there must still be earth continuity to the gas pipe. Doc H.

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This bulletin has been re-published, with permission, from the Hepworth Pluing web site (. Earth Bonding by Paul Cook of the Institute of Electrical Engineers You do not have to earth plastic pipes Plastic pipes make for a safer

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an appliance used to dry wet laundry by means of heat derived from the coustion of fuel gases. Dryer classifiions are as follows: Type 1 1. Intended for use in residential homes 2. Gas supply pressure not exceeding 0.5 psi Type 1 Commercial

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Gas piping shall not be used as a grounding conductor or electrode. This does not preclude the bonding of metallic piping to a grounding system." "7.13.4* Lightning Protection Systems. Where a lightning protection system is installed, the bonding of


For mobile home gas piping, care must be exercised so that such drip legs are not loed in a freezable area (any water vapor or condensate that may be entrained in the gas line will settle in such legs causing pipe or fittings to rupture if it freezes). Outside or 4.

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18/8/2016· There''s a path that runs between the house and garage, its undercover so assume the cable can run across the roof supports and through the house & garage walls - its not buried at all. The incoming gas pipe looks to be the cast iron sort, thick black metal pipe.

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CSST should NOT be confused with flexible gas appliance connectors - the product that joins a moveable appliance to your home or building''s gas supply line. (back to top) QUESTION: What is the difference between yellow-jacketed and black-jacketed CSST?

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Not only does the newest version of the code allow CSST to be bonded anywhere, but CSST manufacturers also allow CSST to be bonded anywhere. For example, Gastite says “The bonding clamp attachment point may be at any loion within the gas piping

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3/10/2017· When it comes to people, ''potential'' is a good thing. When it comes to gas piping, not so much. Specifically, electrical potential. In fact, that applies to all metal piping systems inside a home. Anytime there is electrical potential between different systems, there''s a possibility for shock, fire

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What is the difference between grounding and bonding? Non-technical version To understand why this is important we must acknowledge some basic facts. First as we move around in the world electric charges are everywhere (think static electricity). Metal objects

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25/2/2016· the water pipe may be used as a bonding conductor for the gas supply (not vice versa, though, that is specifically forbidden) - it is obvious that a bonding conductor does not have to be one continuous length from point of entry to the MET. Top: Bottom


17/11/2011· Depending on the `Age` of this Gas Supply Pipe to the Meter it may NOT be a Mild Steel Pipe - The Practice of siting the Gas Meter outside a Property is a fairly recent one [Last 20 Years approx. in most cases] - This time scale would fall within the period

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15/6/2010· Above is a link to a thread on Money Saving Expert forums where some person is trying to insist that a main gas bond is not required if the supply pipe for the gas is non- metallic. The only help we can give ''some person'' is to tell him that he is quite correct. Top:

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1/3/2000· Is Gas Pipe Grounding Legal? You must not use an underground metal gas piping system as a grounding electrode. So, what''s the confusion all about? The controversy behind bonding and grounding metal gas piping systems arose when many electrical professionals questioned the …

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3/9/2008· Electrics not bonded to gas or water pipes 3rd Sep 08 at 10:26 AM #1 Please be kind to me, I don''t post much away from the Old Style Board. An electrician came today to do one of those checks that they do for HIPs .

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Current thinking among gas industry and electrical code authorities, is that bonding of these gas lines may be more critical, where CSST is present for the gas piping, than where rigid black pipe …

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18/4/2015· While this may seem like it is only semantics, the panel is not grounded to the gas pipe, the gas pipe is bonded to ground in the panel. I say that because there are other grounding conductors which go somewhere else, presumably one goes to metal water pipe

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20/2/2011· Earth Bonding to incoming gas Discussion in ''Electricians'' Talk'' started by glnta, Feb 8, 2011. glnta Meer Left a photo taped to the inside lid of the outside gas meter box of the gas pipe bonded within 600mm of entering property (under hallway floor) and a ,

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2/4/2014· Gas track pipe, i will save your house from burning down, - Duration: 3:56. louis tsalikis 54,624 views 3:56 The basics on a Speed square - Duration: 9:06.

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For gas piping in Lynnwood call Beacon Pluing (253) 655-4599. 24x7 gas pipe repair. Same day natural gas line installation in Lynnwood. Flexible gas piping Are you on the look-out for a contractor that is licensed, bonded, and insured to work with gas piping

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